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2023 Most Happening Trends in Product Photography

When customers land on your website, what do they see? A dull, lacklustre image of your product or a captivating and high-quality image that makes them want to buy it? 

Now more than ever, the product photography is essential to making a good first impression and having success in your online retail business. And it’s also continuously evolving! To stay ahead of the game, you need to know what’s trending in product photography for 2023 and beyond. Here’s a short list of the latest trends:

1. 360 product photography service

Industry experts agree that 360 product photography services will be huge in 2023. This method of imaging enables photographers to take photographs from various angles and gives customers a better understanding of the product. In contrast to the traditional product shots, this approach produces livelier and more dynamic images.

2. Lifestyle product photography

Lifestyle product photography has been gaining traction in recent years and involves showing off products employed in realistic contexts. This enables customers to envision using the product themselves. In this style of photography, images are often captured in natural or real-life settings. This allows product photographers to create pictures that look more genuine and lifelike, enabling customers to form a deeper connection with the product.

3. Macro product photography

When it comes to product photography, macro photography is an essential trend for 2023. The primary focus of this technique is to capture the intricate details and textures of a product in order to draw attention to its finest features. Macro shots are great for capturing small products like jewellery or watches, as they allow customers to explore the product at a microscopic level.
These three trends of product photography are sure to be the most popular in 2023. We at Shapes Defined offer all of these techniques and more, taking the hassle out of product photography. From a professional 360 product photography service to lifestyle and macro photography, our team of experienced photographers will make sure your products look their best. Contact us today and let us help you to capture stunning product images that will make your customers click that ‘buy’ button.

Allan Rufus

Allan Rufus

This article is written by Allan Rufus, Marketing Manager at Shapes Defined, a fully automated studio in Dubai, which specializes in offering high-quality e-commerce product photography services. Their photo solutions and services include from HD photography to 360° rotations and 3D interactive animations to businesses from fashion and apparel, food, sports, electronics, and more.

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